How It Works

  1. Download Template – Visit the Download Templates page to download design templates. The ZIP file contains Adobe Indesign and PDF versions of the template. The templates have easy to follow instructions and a checklist.
  2. Place an Order / Upload Art – Create your design, then upload it on the Place An Order page.
  3. PDF Proof – Our production designer will inspect your artwork for print-readiness.
    1. If everything looks good, we will email you a PDF proof with the card sleeve and cover in position for final approval or revision.
    2. If the artwork is unacceptable we will contact you with any questions or suggestions.
    3. Note: If “Author’s Alterations” to files are required after proofing then there could be an extra charge (reasonable) charge.
  4. Proof Approval – You will send us back the PDF Proof with your approval to proceed
  5. Production – Your Z-CARD Check-in guides will be produced and packed in trays 400 each and 4 trays will be packed into a case for shipping. Production involves multiple steps of printing, cutting folding and gluing. Orders typically take 3 weeks to produce.
  6. Payment Process – We will contact you to confirm PO number and other payment information before production. We invoice when your order is ready to ship. Invoices are due upon receipt. We also accept payment by credit card.
  7. Shipping – Normally is done by Fed ex ground (a 3 day service). However, we can expedite ship and Overnight if required. All shipping charges are billed actual costs.